A Mocktail Mixbook of Mythological Brews and Beasts.

For my Senior Capstone at the University of Missouri - Saint Louis, I created an illustrated drink book to share with friends and family. Mockology is a book of mocktails for people who crave more options than soda or water but wish to skip the booze. With twenty-six tasty and creative elixirs to choose from, the party never stops. Each mocktail is drawn from a mythological creature from around the world, with unique ingredients and rich illustrations in a tiny but mighty book. 

Pen + Ink Drawings

I'm always looking for ways to bring my illustrations into my designs. For this project I tried a traditional approach that is different to my more digital artworks. I wanted to highlight the beauty and detail of the mocktails and creatures mentioned in the book using pen and ink drawings. I chose pen and ink because of the control it allowed in adding line and weight to the illustrations. With this style I was able to work fluidly between simple pages with just a few design elements and busier spreads with lots of text and moving parts. 
Coasters, glasses, + advertisements.
Drink coasters
Drink coasters
Drink coasters
Drink coasters
Mockology vinyl printed glasses
Mockup article for FEAST magazine
Recipe cards for individual drinks

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